Ontario Improv Show. Thank You!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you so much for everyone who was a part of my first headlining gig at the Ontario Improv. I really appreciate it a lot! My fans, who drove out to see me...my honey, who road managed me that night, the comics who were a part of my show, and of course the Improv for having me headline my own night!!! I am so happy! It was a great turn out, and Ken Wood, the director/producer working on my documentary, was there to catch everything on camera! So, it should be a great addition to the documentary.

I also wanted to thank everyone who helped with the last minute promotions and production. Brett Gilbert made this amazing flier for me, and he made it fast! Anyone who needs any type of digital imaging, he is your guy! Honestly, I was floored to see this amazing artwork. I love it, Brett!

Well I wanted to get there early to set up. There was a lot to do; Set up my e-mail list, merchandise, etc. I had baked about two batches of cookies for the show and got these amazingly adorable tees made from Avant Garde tee shirt company in downtown L.A. So, we left at 5:30PM for an 8PM showtime. Believe it or not the traffic from North Hollywood to Ontario wasn't that bad! We were in the carpool lane, though. I had my posse with me! I had Ken in the back shooting, Big Mike, Andrew. It was the Rosie Tran crew.

I'm training Andrew to be my road manager. So, when I get famous, he can quit his job as an engineer and manage me! I've noticed a lot of famous people skip the Hollywood drama and get their family or friends to handle their business. (Well, I guess assuming your friends or family members are trustworthy). I just don't want to have money flowing out when it could be staying IN my family. I know a couple comics who have their wives as their business managers or their brothers or sisters. So, it makes sense to keep it in the fam! Andrew did a great job, but I was a little stressed.

There were already people there at 7:30PM! But it was dead from then until 8PM almost. I was like "Oh No! Is anyone gonna be here for my show?" At 8:15PM, in true SoCal style, the entire audience showed up. Whew! Close call. The show ran smoothly from then on. Everyone had a great set. I had a blast, and I made some new fans, too. Yay!!! Again, thank you thank you to everyone involved. I am truly blessed!!!