Shows and More...

Wow, so much has been going on lately! I headlined my first show at the Irvine Improv! The show was filled to capacity. We were about two empty tables away from being completely SOLD OUT. =) It was really cool to see my name next to Damon Wayans on a marquee. I want to thank everyone who came out to support me, especially my friend all the way from high school, David Fernandez! That was so cool of him to come out and support. He was in Irvine, randomly, on a business trip. Thank, God, for the power of facebook to help me to get the word out.

I, also, recently shot this really funny sketch for my friend, Sam Tripoli, called "The Stripper's Guide to Fighting Terrorism." I will have a link up, as soon as they are done with editing. I've done some other really funny sketches for Sam, and they are always hilarious and dirty! The coolest part of the sketch was that I got to shoot with 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Taylor Vixen. She took some cool pics of the sketch. Hopefully, I will have some more up.

"Strippers Guide..." Sketch
"Strippers Guide to Fighting Terrorism" Sketch

Lots of shows coming up, as well as Wedding planning! Ok, first of all, for all of my dear comedian friends and also fans, I am only inviting some close close friends to the wedding, mostly non-business related.  Between Andrew and I, we have almost 100 family members...huge families. I don't know if you guys know this, but I am a struggling comedian, and Andrew is a lower level engineer. We are flat BROKE, and weddings are VERY expensive. So, I love you guys dearly, but please I can not invite everyone!! I talk about being engaged a lot in my act, and usually after shows, I have friends asking me, "I'm going to get an invite, right?" If I was at the level of Jerry Seinfeld, yes, I would throw the biggest freakin' million dollar wedding bash ever! Right now, though, it's gonna be mostly family and a very small group of friends. My sister only had two tables of her own people at her own wedding! It was like 150 Vietnamese relatives she didn't even know. So, please do not take it personal. I will share every moment of my wedding online with pictures and maybe even streaming or youtube videos for everyone who has been asking me about it. I want everyone included on my big day. So, there will be plenty of stuff online. And, you guys know me very well by now, I love pictures! There will be so many freakin' wedding pics online, you will be happy you didn't have to fly all the way to New Orleans just to see them live!!

Oh, by the way, for those of you who haven't noticed, I have added a store...still kind of ghetto, but a store nonetheless to my website. For those of you who are craving my delicious, homemade cookies that I sell after my shows or one of my " I love Asians" tees, please go to my new store and purchase! The cookies will arrive soo fresh and yummy. I make every batch fresh and ship them straight to you ASAP. They are made 100% by me with whole, fresh ingredients. Although, I use shortening and not butter because it's a little healthier and makes them last longer and also butter sometimes burns the bottoms. My tees are really high quality. They are from American Apparel company, made in the USA and nice nice nice pima cotton. Thanks so much!