Articles about Rosie that have been in the press/print media. 

Army Online


The army wrote an article about Rosie when she went overseas to entertain the troops.

Article from Army Online: Click here to read full Article!


Canadian Newspaper: FFWD

Rosie was featured in FFWD magazine a publication in Calgary, Alberta that did a story on her when she performed at FunnyFest. 

Seattle Weekly

Rosie performed at the Seattle Comedy Festival and Competition and the Seattle Weekly covered the event. 

College Magazine Speed

Rosie was featured in the New Orleans indie college magazine, Speed. 

San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle featured Rosie in a story on Asians in Stand up Comedy.

Asian Pop: Laughing Matters by Jeff Yang

City Pass Guide

City Pass Guide , Vietnam's premium english language online travel magazine featured Rosie in an article about Vietnamese in Hollywood.

Fighting Stereotypes Abroad: The Perception of Vietnamese in Hollywood