Z list for reals, Yo!

Well, I should be planning my wedding right now, but I'm just kind of sitting around surfing the net. Blah! I feel out of it. Had a weird day yesterday, I got kicked out of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". Wow, yay! Talk about 'my life on the Z list'...it's the name of my blog, bitches. A few days ago, I am printing fliers for my show headlining the Improv next week and shooting a sketch with Kathy Griffin, then I'm getting booted from "The Tonight Show"! I'm really below the Hollywood radar. I'm soo totally Z list....haha. Ok, so here's the story. I found out Dr. Ken was going to be on the Tonight Show, and I wanted to go see him. I know ken from doing stand up comedy. Also as a weird connection, when he was living in New Orleans doing his residency as a medical student at Charity Hospital, he worked with my cousin's Romy and Hong. (Of course, I have some Asian doctors in my family!). In addition to that, Ken's wife is Viet and named Tran. Just a funny coincidence. Anyways, I lost his number, because I haven't seen him in a few years. He hasn't been doing stand up that much, since he has blown up in TV and FILM. So, I thought it would be a nice surprise. My friend has connections to get me in the Green Room, but he got into a car accident and couldn't go with me. So, I went by myself. I get there and already it's weird. My name was not at the security gate. So, I had to get cleared. Then, I got to the green room, and the security guard there was being really weird and rude to me. He even pulled his chair from the security desk INTO the Green Room to "watch me". I was literally the only person in there except a few producers in and out and a kid from Detroit that was visiting. The show ended, and I was waiting for Ken in the back. The weird security guard asked me to leave, that I had to wait outside. I told him I was waiting for Ken, and I was an old friend of his, and he was still really REALLY rude to me/borderline harassing me. So, I was waiting outside, and one of the other security guards asked who I was. I saw the security guard roll his eyes and say, "She 'claims' she knows Ken." OMG, this asshole thought I was lying. Why the fuck would I lie about that? So, I'm waiting for Ken, I see him come out and I go over to say hi to him. Before Ken can see me, the security guard is like, "I'm gonna have to kick you out." I was like WTF? So, he kicked me off the studio lot! The asshole security guard thought I was a stalker! WTF? OMG how embarrassing and sad. I called my friend who hooked me with the passes, and he was really embarrassed and I called Andrew and told him how the security guard was harassing me and I e-mailed Ken who was sad he didn't get to see me, but WTF? Do I look like a stalker? This is what stalkers look like:

Not Rosie Tran! If I was a stalker, I'd be one harmless stalker. Damn....I'm a 5'5" 110 lb Asian girl. What kind of damage can I do? What was the point of kicking off the lot? To show you have some power at your crappy job? Well, another day on the Hollywood Z list! =)