Why Women Why???

Why do women in Hollywood lie about their age? It's so sad!!! I've made comments about this before, and some of my friends have said I am not "older", so I don't know how it feels, but come on! The worst is when someone is lying about their age, and it is REALLY obvious. Usually when you work on a project, you have to fill out forms with your driver's license or social security, people are gonna find out your real age anyways. So, just be real with people! No one cares!!! Yes, there are many hurdles in Hollywood for women, minorities, blah blah blah. But lying doesn't make anything better. You just look like an IDIOT. I know a comedian that says she's in her twenties, and if that is true, she looks horrible! She should just tell the truth and say she is in her thirties, because it is SOO obvious. She has crow's feet and just DOES NOT look like she is in her twenties. To cover up her lies, she has her fake age on her website and even hides her age on facebook and myspace. The reason I know she is lying other than the fact that it is OBVIOUS, is that a friend of mine worked in production on one of her projects and when she filled out the paperwork, it said she was in her mid-thirties. THIS is exactly the reason it is hard for women in Hollywood because of BS like this. It's like an alcoholic hiding their drinking, it only makes the situation worse! If you work your ass off and have success, no one cares how old you are. Anyways, Jennifer Aniston and all those leading ladies are in their 40's! No one cares anymore. This is not 20 years ago. It's a new Millennium. We have a black President for Chrissake. STOP LYING ABOUT BULLSHIT. I feel sorry for these desperate, insecure women that think that age really matters in the day of cougars and rock ass MILF's like Demi Moore! Be proud to be whoever you are, don't hide yourself to please the industry! I am 25 years old, and I have 35 year old women lying and saying they are MY age. When they stand next to me, I look 12! I will proudly state my 30's age when I reach that number, regardless of my success. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter HOW old you are. It's how old you can PLAY on TV. Be real people!

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