15th Ward, Represent, baby! Geaux Saints!

This posting has nothing to do with sports. I'm just proud of my team. Undefeated, baby! Ok, I just came to the conclusion that if I was still living in New Orleans, I would be about 20-30 lbs overweight by now. (Sorry friends from New Orleans.) But a lot of people I have seen (thru facebook) have gained so much weight! I have gained like 10 lbs, and I live in health-conscious L.A.!!! I have a major sugar habit, and I also love eating fried Southern food, but thanks to my location, it's REALLY hard to find good fried Southern food. There is a place in the Valley, that is supposed to be "cajun", but I went there and got food poisoning! I also have been to more black areas like Compton and South Central looking for good home cooking, but it's just not right. I do stand up sometimes at the "Family Room" in South L.A. and they have fried chicken that is pretty close. The former owner (RIP) was from Baton Rouge, LA. So, it was kinda close, but really hard to find good stuff. Although I meet a LOT of black folk who are out here that have relatives from Louisiana. So, something is going on, but still the food is not right. So, thankfully I stay kind of skinny, but man I love fried Southern food soo much. It is soo yummy and delicious. Also, for some reason the Asian food is better. You'd think with all the Asians here, there would be some good places, but it's pretty bad. They have REALLY good Korean, Japanese, and Thai food in L.A. but no Vietnamese/Chinese. Even my friend Jackie, who's from the Bay Area and Viet made a comment, "They just don't do it right!" I don't know what it is, but it is really bad up here. I have been to SOOO many Chinese and Viet places. I know everyone says to go to Orange County, but hey! Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the U.S., you would think they would have some yummy places. Usually, I have to drive to my old 'hood (Monterey Park) to get some good grub. Although, I still think Sam Woo (Van Nuys) is delicious! Mmm...their roast peking duck is soo fatty and good. The worst is when I can cook it better at home than at the restaurant! Hey! I want a night off? I don't want to cook, that's why I am going out to eat!!! That's the problem when you grew up in a FOODIE CITY and your parents are also both food snobs! You get spoiled!!! I am spoiled in TWO cultures!!! That's not good. Here's the thing with L.A., a lot of people are about hype, not the food. It's atmosphere or if celebrities are going there. I just want yummy. I don't care. Here are SOME places I like and why or what....

Sam Woo- Mmm...cheap and delicious. Decent beef chow mein and yummy, salty, fatty duck!
Uncle Andre's- OMG closest to Southern cooking so far. Horrible, slow service, but it's WORTH IT.
Sanamaluang- My ex took me here, and I hated it at first, but then I realized how DAMN hard it was to find an authentic thai place! Cheap, yummy, authentic. Oh! And opens super late. 
Noodle Planet or Noodle World- Good places for cheap, generic, but authentic Asian food. They are two, different, and competing companies but similar, and both good. Here is the rule of thumb on noodles, if they use Spaghetti style chow or low mein noodles, RUN AWAY!!! It's Americanized garbage, and it's NOT authentic. 
Noodle City- For Vietnamese, the egg rolls are really good. The Pho is just ok. 
I am still trying to find a good seafood place. Trust me, people, I eat A LOT and at a lot of different places. I am a true foodie for life! So, I keep my eyes peeled and my tummy growling for more at all turns. I promise you, I will find yummy places and pass more info along. Until then, don't be fooled by fake Asian places! They trick you!!! One time I went to a Chinese restaurant and asked for a specific dish. The owner (who was also waiting tables) started LAUGHING at me. He was like, "White people don't know how to eat that!" And he walked away. White people can be open minded foodies, too! You have to have an authentic menu. Otherwise, why wouldn't someone just go to Panda Express? Authentic, fresh ingredients is key!!!!
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