OMG Tired

OMG I am so tired. I went out last night for Halloween. First we went to Echo Park to this restaurant, MASA. It was Chicago-style deep dish, which I am sorry to say is gross. I hate when something is popular in a region, and people get really defensive about how wonderful it is just because it represents their childhood or some other thing related to that reason. Look, I'm from New Orleans and there is some amazing food there, but I am honest enough with myself to know that not all Cajun cuisine is for everyone, and I am also smart enough to know that just because something is from my childhood memories, doesn't mean it is the most amazing thing in the World. I have NEVER had a good Chicago style deep dish pizza, and I have had it in a bunch of restaurants actually in Chicago where people were like, "OMG this is amazing, you have to try this is famous blah blah blah." Look the pizza is way too bready and overbearing. I can only have like two bites and I feel full/sick. That is not a sign of a good dish. People in the midwest are brainwashed to think that this type of pizza is actually yummy. So, that they can feel proud about their upbringing. The truth is, it's horrible. Chicago thin crust, however, is delicious. If you wanna try a good Chicago-style thin crust place in L.A., try:

Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock. 
I'm sure there are tons of delicious foods from the midwest, but Chicago style deep dish pizza is NOT one of them. Not only is it horrible and too heavy, it's really unhealthy but not in a good way. Some things are REALLY unhealthy, but in a good doughnuts or anything deep fried with good batter. Eating heavy bread is not my idea of delicious, nor should any foodie fall for this brainwashing. I like when people take their blind ideologies and put them aside for honesty. The BEST was when my friend George, who was BORN AND RAISED in Manhattan, admitted that New York pizza is disgusting. I wanted to jump up and kiss him. Every other New Yorker is so brainwashed with pride, they don't realize what they are saying. He said that the better Pizza was in the boroughs, and the NY pizza was made too cheaply with poor ingredients. This is something I totally agreed with, but didn't want to be beaten and murdered by an angry NY-er. I am not saying that NY style pizza is disgusting. I think NY style pizza is some of the best pizza ever. But a lot of pizza places in NY you can tell the ingredients are really cheap, and I don't wanna hear a lecture about how I probably didn't go to the right place, because I've been to NY a LOT and been to a lot of "this is the best pizza place you gotta try it" and guess what? It all tasted like cheap pizza. Cheap dough, cheap cheese, and meat. The key to any recipe, wherever you live, is quality ingredients...except Chicago style deep dish. There are NO ingredients that could make this heavy bread dish taste good to me. Ok, anyways, I went off on a tangent. Ok, so Andrew and I went there because his friend, Matt, is moving, and it was a going away dinner. Echo park was very cute for Halloween. There were a lot of kids there, and we saw some really cute costumes on some little ones. Then, we headed to a house party in Tarzana. I have to say, I had a lot of fun, but was slightly disappointed by the term "mansion" that his friends had thrown around. Andrew and his friends were referring to this party as being at a "mansion" in Tarzana. Ok, I don't own a house, but this was just a normal house. No "mansion" needed. Other than that, it was fun. We danced, ate tons of sugar, and got to see some really cool costumes. I woke up and was tired/confused because of the time change. 
Oh! I have a show tomorrow night (Monday) at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. If you guys can make it. Here is the event invite.
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