Rosie Tran on 'Diresta and Son' Podcast!


I am so excited to have been the tenth guest (and first lady) on the awesome podcast 'Diresta and Son' with my friend, John Diresta and his son, Matt.

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John is one of the coolest people I have met in the business! I have known him for 8 or 9 years, and he is such a funny stand up comedian and great person with tons of stories about the ups and downs of the business. He has had two tv shows, a sitcom 'Diresta' and realty show 'Dirty Money' (both got canceled despite good ratings---Boo!)

All around great guy, lives down the street from me in the ghetto of Noho, and was in the movie 'Miss Congeniality.' Um, hello? Move over, 'Blind Side', this was Sandy Bullock at her best! #StreetCreds Listen and laugh along!