Tosh.0 Rape: Another Comedian in the News

First of all, before I begin my educated and well written rant (yes, I'm high on myself today), I just want to say a big "WTF" to the media? No news on world hunger, the fact that we are still at war with Afghanistan, or the biggest issue to plague the World in the last 2000 years....overpopulation? No! Instead, we are still in our sleep walking stupor of bullshit as I wake up to see another comedian in the news, Daniel Tosh. Ok, so at least it's not another Kim Kardashian story. That's a step up. I think. I felt compelled to blog, yet again, because I have not found a viewpoint on any social media that represents common sense. As usual, most comics are reacting with first amendment crap, and others are reacting with the whole "rape is no laughing matter" blah blah blah.  

I would like everyone here to take a little personal responsibility. No actual crime was committed. No one's life has been altered. A girl felt offended, Daniel Tosh got chewed out. I think her pain has been vindicated by his media humiliation. We should be done with this. Daniel Tosh did not personally rape this girl, and frankly, she and anyone else that has been raped who is offended, should probably seek therapy. This is your issue, not his. We can't go around controlling what comedians or other idiots spew out of their mouths. It's just not possible. What we can do is deal with our own issues and grow and learn from them and not blame others. The best way for people who are unhappy with this type of humor to deal with the issue is to not go see Daniel Tosh perform. Period. It's not that difficult. Don't give him your money or watch his tv show.


The real issue here, is also not rape. And to all my comedian friends, the issue here is also NOT first amendment rights. The issue here can be addressed by any comedian who knows the basics of comedy. What are the basics of comedy? It's the rules that make things hilarious. They never fail, and they never will. Examples of the rules of comedy are "Tragedy + Time = Comedy". Telling a 9-11 joke on 9-12 was too soon and a sure fail. The cardinal rule of comedy that Daniel Tosh broke is point of view. It's like seeing a white comedian tell a really racist black joke. Not funny. The same joke can be told by a black person, and it's hilarious. Rape can be hilarious, but never ever ever ever told by Daniel Tosh or any male with his personality type. He has that entitled, white boy thing. Frankly, he seems like the kind of guy that may have date raped a chick in college. Not funny. A woman telling a rape joke can be funny. I have even heard men tell hilarious rape jokes, but they did not look like Daniel Tosh. They were non-threatening men. Some were petite. Some were chubby. Some were weird and awkward. It's always ok to push the edge, within your limits. The only crime Daniel Tosh committed was telling a bad joke, and being an idiot. Daniel Tosh, maybe you need to buy a copy of The Idiot's Guide to Joke Writing and relearn the basics. By the way, you can also tell jokes about painful or difficult topics by lightning up the joke or using fun metaphors. It's like that grammar rule, i before e except after c. There are minor exceptions. The way Tosh did it was attack style. Also, not funny. If you want to see the Queen of Comedy handle this, rent Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Joan talks about special ed kids and a guy with a special needs child gets offended and heckles her. Instead of saying the Tosh equivalent, which would be something like, "You probably have a retarded kid" (attack style). She simply says, "I make fun of difficult topics. So, people like you can laugh about them and feel better." And she moves on to her next joke, getting a huge applause break. Oh, Joan. You're soo classy.


By the way I have been sexually attacked and had other horrible and true things happen to me, and I have jokes about all of them, and they always do well. The real crime here is that we are making a fuss about something that doesn't really matter in the scheme of things. This is not to minimize rape. This is to minimize time the media spends on stupid stories. Instead of covering this joke Daniel Tosh told. The media could be covering rape stories and actually help a victim get justice from being raped by an actual rapist. Until then, comedians, don't forget to always follow the comedy rules or suffer bombing, heckling, or silence. Audience members, always remember to do research on what kind of show you are going to, and only support comedians you like. Rape victims, remember to always pretend that you like it and offer a blow job instead of sex. Then, when you are down there, bite his wiener and call the cops!