Wedding Plans

With the recession and all that's been going on, wedding planning has definitely been on a budget! I've been applying for contests, sweepstakes, and wedding castings online. Me and my hunnie are gonna get something for our wedding and make it special! I even have resorted to buying dresses online from China. I had an "incident" with one of these sites last year. I was going to surprise my man with a new sexy dress, I bought my dress off of a Chinese site, that (of course) doesn't even exist anymore. I ordered the dress and when I got it, it not only looked NOTHING like the picture, but it fit horribly and the refund policy was non-existent. So, I ordered from another one of these sites, but this time I was really careful to read through the site thoroughly and make sure they had a decent return policy. I am buying the dress for my bridal shower first as a test before I actually order my wedding dress from them. The thing is, with these sites the dresses are like 70% off, but you just gamble with it being a total bust. Wedding dresses can run from $1000 to the $100,000's...obviously on a comedian and engineer's budget, we don't have that, but these Chinese sites have the same dresses for $200-400...the reason I am even thinking of going to these sites is that I went shopping at a nice wedding dress store and looking at the tags in these expensive dresses, all the tags said "made in China". So, I am assuming, it's the same people making these dresses? Oh well, we'll see if I have a ghetto wedding dress!