Yes, It's true!

Yes, it's true. Hell has officially frozen over! I nabbed myself an amazing and nice guy and the Saints won da SUPER BOWL all in one weekend.  Okay, a little bit about the proposal...and oh my gosh. It may take a while, but now I have to write a new stand up routine. Are marriage and kid jokes funny? Haha. I guess we'll find out! (No, I'm not pregnant, but that is probably my fate, huh?) My man and I went up to the bay area/San Fran. I was ready to watch the Saints' game in the afternoon, but the morning activities were TBA. He told me he had a "surprise". Now granted my guy is amazing! And we have talked about marriage, but he had told me he had a "five year plan" for us, whatever that means. And I'm 26, which is still young, I think. So, I wouldn't mind waiting until my later 20' 28 to get hitched. Me and Andrew

He handed me an envelope that said "Rosie Tran" on it. Okay, that's me. So, I opened it. It told me to take the F train to the Fisherman's Wharf. So, I did that. He handed me a couple more "scavenger hunt" envelopes. We ended up taking the ferry to Angel Island and went on a hike. I felt bad because I kept nagging him for the "final envelope" not realizing it had a proposal attached to it! Finally, we reached this point on the mountain where it overlooked the entire Bay. You could see the Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran, it was BEAUTIFUL. He gave me the final envelope. I opened it, and it said, "Close your eyes." I did and...when I opened my eyes, he was on one knee with a ring box. OMG. Great story to tell for years. Of course I said yes, and we spent the next hour or so lying in the grass on the side of the mountain calling friends and family.

I did it! I got a great guy with a job, who is nice and knows how to communicate! No anger issues, no ego issues, no alcoholic/drug issues, just 100% sweet and wonderful and wants to support me with my dreams and my career and my life! Wow. I am so lucky. Plus, he's HOT. Then, we took the ferry back, had an amazing dinner and watched the Saints KICK SOME COLTS ASS. OMG, Geaux New Orleans! Geaux Saints! Next step is meeting my dad. Although, he did call my parents for permission. Too cute! I will post pics of our trip on facebook soon. I am so slow. I still haven't posted all of my holiday pics yet and it's February! Eeek! LOVE YOU GUYS, I am so happy finally!!!!