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Precious: WARNING Spoiler Alert

Just saw "Precious" last night. Couple things, first of all ANTI-CLIMATIC ending, as far as I'm concerned! We're supposed to be happy Precious is free from her mom (played by Monique)? She's HIV positive, has two kids she can't take care of, and don't know what she's gonna do next? Yea, she got some tiny bit of self-esteem by the end of the movie but damn...sad ending that was supposed to be "uplifting"... Also, Monique look bad. I know they were trying to make her look bad, but I don't think they were trying that hard. It seriously looked like that's what she naturally looks like with no make up. It doesn't look like they put fake make up on her to make her "look bad". I think she just look bad. They were probably like, "Ok Monique, just come to set the way you look when you wake up." Another thing, when the characters in the movie were talking about "everyone watches Oprah." Oprah is executive producer of the film. Way to plug yourself shamelessly in your own film. Wow, talk about product placement. I can imagine Oprah in the shoot meetings, "Even kids in the ghetto in the late '80's were watching me! I'm soo amazing." Mariah Carey was supposed to be her welfare counselor for a year, but she's only in two scenes? They could have had one or two more scenes so we know about TIME PROGRESSION. Finally, the small "alternative" class Precious was in only had like six ethnic girls, then in one random scene the producers put in some random white girl to make a joke about Precious' incest, and then this character is NEVER seen again. The movie was very good, funny, and cute, but the issues with it were glaring and obvious and kind of hilarious. Like when Mariah Carey is like, "I've been your counselor for a year now..." and you're literally like WTF? A Year? You were only in ONE scene like WAY in the beginning of the film? I can see why the film did well at Sundance though. It was emotional and the lead character is unlikely, but damn the film nasty. Showing Precious breast feeding her baby and way TMI in the sex scene. They don't "show" a lot, but her dad's sweaty, hairy belly and moaning noises were presented in a way that was way nasty. Also, a lot of nasty fried chicken, where they zoomed in on the oil. Think they were trying to make the film look "gritty" but it just looked nasty. Overall, a good film. I would recommend you watch it, but I personally wouldn't watch it again. Mariah Carey's New York accent was also kind of fake and annoying. Wish they would have either gone ALL out and made the ending super sad/tragic/profound or actually had a REAL happy ending where our protagonist doesn't have AIDS. Jesus Christ. How depressing...