NEW Podcast Launch! Out of the Box with Rosie Tran!


Yay! I am so excited to be launching my new podcast, Out of the box with Rosie Tran this week! I have had so many of you asking me to do a podcast, and I had so many negative conversations in my mind about the whole thing. I had every excuse in the book, "Oh, it's too late to jump on the podcast wagon", "Who would want to listen to my podcast?", "How can I get guests?" Well, once I declared it, it happened! I am totally committed to being a voice in the podcast World now, and I have had tons of people already lined up who want to be guests! I am so excited to be creating a new avenue for creativity.

You guys can check it out at:


Also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and SoundCloud. However, if you guys could help me get featured on iTunes, that would help a lot. It's easy. Just go to iTunes and subscribe and rate and leave comments! That is the best way to get my podcast featured. Thanks!!!!!!