Rosie Tran signs with Call Box Entertainment & Almond Talent!

Wow guys! I am in such a great mood. I just signed with TWO new agencies this year. I am now working with the very talented Kat Casler from Call Box Entertainment. She will be representing me exclusively for colleges, military shows, and personal appearances. Kat is based in Seattle, and is a super cool chica. Very fun, great energy, and we have a lot in common, in addition, to her mad business skills. I also signed with Aur-Aelion Israel, the owner of Almond Talent Agency! They will be representing me exclusively for television and film appearances and acting. So, I guess I am too blessed to be stressed! One of the hardest parts of being in entertainment is finding someone who gets you and believes in you. I have had many agents in Los Angeles, and sometimes it's just not a good match. I love my new agents on a personal and professional level, and I can't wait to see what we create from this point forward.

Very excited!!!