New Comedy Club in Burbank!

For those of you who don't know, the lovely city of Burbank, California has a new comedy club opened by my good friends Dave Reinitz and Barbara Holliday! Dave and Barbara are both comedians and that means that they know how to run a great, professional club and treat the audience and comedians very well. The club is in downtown Burbank, right on Magnolia Blvd. The best part is the club is that it's 18+ and over! (Most clubs are 21+). I just found out that I will be headlining the show on September 25th! I can't wait!! Please come out and support this brand new comedy club!

We need MORE comedy clubs and MORE live comedy and entertainment. Please encourage people to watch art and live entertainment and support artists!!! There is too much emphasis on bad reality tv and video games. Your support and laughter is much needed! (You can click on the flier to the right to enlarge for more details). Hope to see you there! LOVE YOU GUYS! xoxo