Myspace Blogger is Dead

Well, it's official. I've gotten sick of updating my blog on, and well, myspace's blogger is, I've taken the leap to blogspot. I know, I'm a few years behind, but the myspace blog was serving me so well. Then, all of a sudden, it crapped out. I think it's not compatible with safari or something because it shows up when I use firefox, but I am so used to safari, and when I use safari the blog doesn't even show up on the screen. Screw you, myspace! I don't know what happened to myspace? It just suddenly got really really slow and crappy? I don't know if facebook stole all of their IT guys or something? But the technology on myspace is horrible. It's always frozen! Anyways, this is my new blog! So, please check here from now on. I will be updating frequently, since you KNOW how much I love to blog. 

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