America vs. Japan! Battle!

I spend some time looking at Asian porn online. The reason for this is 1) I'm curious and 2) I wanna see how my body stacks up to other Asian chicks. Ok, the second reason is total body image issues/ego. Not good ego, either. If there is good ego. Here are my thoughts on Asian porn. Asian-American porn girls suck. They are not pretty at all. They are pretty by white boy standards because a lot of white people think Asians all look alike. (A lot don't.) But the Asian chicks are really not attractive at all. They are really super ghetto actually. However, the guys are ok. Usually they use white/black guys that are ok. If you want REALLY super pretty girls, you look at REAL Asian porn made by Japanese companies. Oh my freakin' gosh! These girls are SOO amazing. They are literally model quality and not super lanky, skinny model types. They are gorgeous, beautiful, perfect skin, flawless, super young looking! I don't know what they are doing in Asia, but these girls are soo beautiful, I'm wondering why they are even in the business?! However, the guys in real Asian porn are disgusting. They are all fat, old-looking Japanese businessmen with really hairy bush. It's pretty nasty. Southeast Asian porn is really really dirty, but the girls are not that hot, and I feel sick/guilty when I look at it because it looks so illegal, like it's run by the Mafia or something and the girls literally look like sex slaves. So, even though it's really hot. I know that even clicking on the webpage, I'm supporting some sort of human or drug trafficking. Please try not to support it. It looks really illegal and inhumane. I know in America, it's hard for us to think of human "slavery" and you may try to justify it, like "Oh, they're adults, they know what they're doing." That may be true in the States, but overseas, you really never know. It's shady as to make the perfect porn? Use American male pornstars and import hot Asian babes! You don't know what you're missing, if you haven't seen these Japanese hotties!! These are my thoughts on this.