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Here are some really cool articles about me that have been in the press/print media. I hope you guys enjoy them.

Army Online


The army wrote an article about me when I went overseas to entertain the troops.

Article from Army Online: Click here to read full Article!

Canadian Newspaper: FFWD

This was a publication in Calgary, Alberta that did a story on me when I did FunnyFest. I have to write a short disclosure about this because the reporter took some of the comments I said out of context, and that is not cool! He said that I hated stand up and that I did not like or respect the comedy scene in New Orleans, which is NOT true. I was reluctant to get into stand up when I first started because I was really shy growing up and very insecure and self-conscious. Also, I love the comedy scene in New Orleans! Everyone was so cool and nice to me and really supportive. I was telling the reporter a story about how when I first went to an Open Mic in New Orleans there were some really bad comedians, and it kind of turned me off, but the overall scene down there is really cool, and I would never say anything like that about it! I love all of the New Orleans comics so much.

Seattle Weekly

I performed in the Seattle Comedy Festival and Competition and the Seattle Weekly covered the event. They didn't interview me, but they featured a photo of me making a really silly face while I offend people on stage! (They were laughing their asses off, too, though!)  That was kind of cool. There was also a reporter or some other guy there interviewing comedians for either a story or a documentary, but I don't know what ever came of it. In case you're non-tech savvy, click on the thumbnails of the articles to zoom in and see more!

College Magazine Speed

I was featured in the New Orleans indie college magazine, Speed. It was a fun, quirkly little publication! They changed hands a few times and even went national! Sadly, the Speed is now no longer. They did do a nice little story on me before they closed up shop which I really appreciate! R.I.P. Speed Magazine! Thanks for the press.


San Francisco Chronicle

This is one of my all time favorite press clippings! The San Francisco Chronicle was doing a story on Asians in Stand up Comedy. They did a feature on me. This was after Hurricane Katrina. So, my sister was living with me. I thought it was a pretty neat story. To read the entire article, you can go to the original article:

Asian Pop: Laughing Matters by Jeff Yang

Thank you for taking the time to check out some of my press clippings! More are sure to come!